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The Hide – Unique Home Stays

Designed by Jess Clark and Sarah Stanley at Unique Home Stays, Studio Arc drew the plans for initial planning as well as the detail design for the build.

The Hide establishes its language, scale and footprint from a dilapidated outbuilding, originally located within the site. Inspired by nature, a series of small peep hole windows are designed to replicate the patina of dappled sunlight gleaming through the trees, while two large angled suspended windows provide an abundance of daylight within the property by day and the delight of stargazing at night. Its form is simple and uncluttered and it displays earthy, rustic materials including silvering wood shingles and aged concrete render which will weather over time and help the building blend into its rural setting. Blurring the boundaries between the indoor/outdoors the property is designed to encourage observation of wildlife at close quarters.

information: Blog Post: Completion of The Hide


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